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Pink Floyd sleep sack

Another vintage t-shirt finds new life.  Your baby can see the dark side of the moon in this Pink Floyd sleep sack.

“Long you live and high you fly; smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry.  All you touch and all you see  is all your life will ever be.”

This sleep sack is available for your purchase at my Etsy store.


Graphic sleepsacks

What’s old is new again…

A college basketball t-shirt turned sleep sack.

A band tour t-shirt turned sleep sack.

An audio engineering company t-shirt turned sleep sack.

I love giving new life to old clothes.

Repurpose! T-shirt into swaddle/sleepsack

I don’t know what the weather is like in your neck of the woods, but around here, the temperatures are rising both day and night.  I also don’t know about your little one, but I can tell you for sure that my Bambina prefers to be swaddled both day and night.  (It’s almost like the swaddle is the switch that turns her from awake to asleep.)  So it was time for her to have a swaddle/sleepsack that isn’t made of heavy fleece; t-shirt weight would be nice!  *light bulb*

Here’s how it turned out in the end…

Mamma’s little audio engineer, sleeping peacefully (finally – it was not a good day for naps).

Unfortunately, she wriggled right out of the swaddle, so there are remake plans in the works.