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Cloth diapers a la bambina

Even before we found out that the bambina was on her way, we knew we were going to use cloth diapers.  I did a lot of research about the different kinds of cloth diapers and all variety of wet pail/dry pail laundry systems for them.  In the end, this is what we came up with.

All of the bambina’s diapering supplies are organized in the top drawer of her dresser.  (I had to snap a picture – it’s so rare for so many of her diapers to be clean at once!)

We have 12 one-size pocket diapers (BumGenius 4.0 and Swaddlebees, with microfiber inserts), 4 shells (sized Thirsties and one-size Best Bottom and GroVia), 20 prefolds (Gerber), and 20 flatfolds (Gerber).  Our pockets and shells are a mix of snap closure and Velcro closure.  I definitely prefer the Velcro as it gives a more customized fit around bambina’s waist.  Velcro is also much easier to fasten at 3:00 in the morning when I’m bleary-eyed and the bambina just wants to eat and fall back asleep.  I realize that the Velcro will get fuzz and other crud stuck in it over time, but I’m ok with that.  For now, I just pick out the bits of fluff when I see them.

As for wipes, we have 20 washcloths (the super-soft baby ones, all white for cleaning purposes).   I store them pre-moistened in a tub that previously held disposable wipes.  Cleaning the tushie occasionally requires a little more than just the water that’s already in the wipes, so a spray bottle of California Baby Diaper Area Wash also lives close by.

Finally, a small toy serves to distract the bambina during longer changes.  Right now, it’s a little stuffed duck, which inspires a couple of different songs that we sing during diaper changes.  The drawer also holds her one swim diaper, a spare changing pad cover, and a couple of gallon-size zippie bags (because you just never know).

At changing time, anything that is microfiber or PUL (the pocket diapers and shells) goes in the big blue tub, while anything cotton (wipes, prefolds, flatfolds, and changing pad cover) goes in the small tub.  (This makes for a double dry pail system, I suppose.)  They get sorted like this because that’s how I do laundry.  Keeping the cotton separate limits the amount of lint that ends up in the Velcro as well as keeps the microsuede inner lining of the pocket diapers smooth.

I do one or two loads of diaper laundry a day.  The PUL pockets/shells and microfiber inserts get washed every day,  following this routine:  cold rinse, hot wash on either regular or heavy-duty cycle (depending on how poopy they are) with BumGenius detergent, double cold rinse.  At the beginning of the month, I do a super wash with the intention of de-staining and de-stinking:  cold rinse, hot wash on regular with BumGenius detergent and 1/2 cup of bleach, cold rinse, hot wash on regular with BumGenius detergent, double cold rinse.  Microfiber stuffers go in the dryer on hot, while anything with PUL gets hung to dry or laid out in the sun.  The cotton load goes through the laundry every other day, generally getting a hot wash with double cold rinse using BumGenius detergent, then into the dryer for a hot spin.

Mobile spirals

Bambina’s bedroom, part two

The tour continues.  Today we’ll check out the changing station.

Bambina’s changing pad sits atop an old IKEA dresser.  Next to the dresser are two blue tubs that keep used diapers and wipes sorted until laundry time (not day, time).

She gets to look at a couple of interesting things while she’s hanging out there.

This remnant of Alexander Henry fabric is stretched tight in an embroidery hoop.  Bambina loves saying “hello” to the birds in the morning.

The forest of spirals dances in the “Mamma-breeze” to keep her entertained.

Following the spirit of the website, here’s a break down of the origins of the stuff you see above.

  • Repurposed:  the dresser (was Mamma & Papa’s), bird fabric (remnant) and hoop (extra of Mamma’s), paper for mobile spirals (leftovers from a previous project), small blue tub (relocated from bathroom closet)
  • New: changing pad and cover, large blue tub

Bambina’s bedroom, part one

The Bambina’s bedroom is slowly coming together.  Even though I know it will never be featured on any fancy decorating websites – you know, the ones that everybody pins to their “Dream Home” boards – it still makes me smile just to be in there.  I love how it is a collection of lots of colorful and sentimental things, most of which were gifts or hand-me-downs.  Sure, I’d love to give her a room full of brand new (well, new to us – I’d prefer to find her a whole bunch of antiques) furniture and accessories that all coordinate with the grey and yellow color scheme that I chose for her quilt.  But this way, everything has a story and a history in the family, so she’s surrounded with the things that her ancestors have loved as well.

Today, let’s look at the area around the window.

Every baby’s room needs a comfy rocking chair for comforting and bedtime stories.

A little table holds both essentials and accessories.

And what child’s room would be complete without a basket of books?

Curtain Holdback Post

I can hardly believe that the bambina will be 5 months old tomorrow!  Until now, she’s been spending pretty much all of her sleepy time in Mamma and Papa’s room (except when Grandma’s here – in that case, she sleeps on Grandma).  We’ve all come to the conclusion that it’s pretty much time for her to move to her own room, but before that can happen, we need to get it ready!  Living in a quasi-tight apartment, we decided not to set up the nursery until we needed it.  After all, it’s taking over the room that previously served as office/guest room/craft space/in-apartment storage unit.  And neither Mamma nor Papa really wants to give up that room.

Anywho, besides the obvious furniture arrangements that need to be made, she will also need some heavy light-blocking curtains. That girl needs it dark to sleep!  But when we’re in there playing or reading stories, I want to use natural light.  Hence, we need a cute way to hold back those curtains.

Now, I love the fancy holdbacks that you can buy from Pottery Barn…

or Restoration Hardware…

But I can’t afford $35 for the thing.

Especially when I have a drawer full of these…

Do you need to install a super-cute, ultra-cheap holdback for a curtain in your home?  Gather your supplies.  You’ll need one spool (I found an old cute wooden one in my drawer), a long wood screw, and your handy dandy electric drill (or a screwdriver and loads of elbow grease).

Hopefully there’s a nice stud near the window.

No, not that kind.  (But I wish!  True Blood can’t come back soon enough.)  Screw the spool into the wall, ideally into the stud.  If you don’t like the look of your spool, you could always paint it or Mod Podge something on it first.  I kind of like it plain, though – it’s kind of got that whole over-played shabby chic look going on.  (And also, the spool I found is from my husband’s late grandmother’s stash which I shamelessly raided lovingly commandeered a few years ago.  So I don’t think I could bring myself to do anything permanent to it.  When I found it in my drawer, it still had the price tag on it – 15¢!)

Ok, anyway.  Hang your curtain and wrap the tieback around your spool.

I used an eggplant-colored ribbon to hold back the chartreuse curtain.

You’re right, I’m definitely not a curtain stylist.

And no, that curtain doesn’t block the light at all.  I’ll have to track down some blackout fabric to line it before bambina can move in.  And hem it up some.  Don’t need her pulling it down on herself!