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Snarky Mamma talks about her baby’s sensitive tummy

My baby seems to be allergic to everything I eat.


Infant formula:  in production for 145 years.  Recalled a bajillion times by the FDA.

Human breastmilk:  in production for 200,000 years.  Has yet to be recalled by anyone.



Fall’s inspiring colors

There was an amazing thunderstorm yesterday afternoon, but the rain paused for just a few minutes right as the Bambina was waking up from her nap.  So I grabbed the camera and we did a little puddle-stomping.

Alright, I did the stomping.  She was content to be in the carrier.

And no, I didn’t actually stomp in any puddles, but I still managed to soak the bottom of my pants.

Here are a few of the beautiful colors we found.



4 ways to use up the rice left in your pantry when you go grain-free

I’ve recently discovered how much better I feel when I don’t eat grain.  But what to do with all that rice that was left in the pantry?   Glad you asked!  Here are the four uses I’ve found so far…

1.  For the 6mo+ crowd…  Shakers.  Dye rice different colors and put it in clean, dry water/juice/pop bottles.   You might want to superglue the lids on.


2.  For the 2+ crowd… I Spy tube.  Dye rice different colors and put it in clean, dry water/juice/pop bottle with beads and other small trinkets.  Again, you might want to superglue the lid on.  If you’re really ambitious, you can lay out all the trinkets and take a picture of them first so your bambina will have a reference card to check off all the bits as she finds them.


3.  For the preschooler+ crowd…  Sensory tub.  Dump it in a tub with other fun items such as small cups or measuring spoons.


4.  For the kindergarten+ crowd… Practice with letter formation or spelling practice.  Pour some rice out onto a sheet pan and let the bambina use a finger to practice making letters. (Though, I’ve heard this works better with salt or flour – of which you might also have some leftovers in your pantry if you’re going grain-free.)


(Since I used up all my rice in the shakers and I Spy tube, I had to smurf some images from other blogs.  Please give them some love for me!)


And now, how to dye rice (the easy way)…

Pour some rice into a big bowl.  Squirt some liquid food coloring on it.  Stir it around with a spatula until it’s all coated.  Pour the rice into a flat layer on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper.  Stick it in the oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for about an hour.  Let it cool.  Done!

I can’t vouch for the colorfastness of this rice if you’re going to be using it for hands-on activities with older bambini, but it works just fine if you’re locking it up in a plastic bottle.


Lovey Tutorial

How about a lovey for your little one?

This blankie is made from super soft flannel with crocheted edges.

Personalize it by embroidering baby’s name or monogram on the back!

Here’s how to make a 12″ square lovey:

1.  Cut out two 13″ squares of flannel.

2.  Embroider baby’s name on one square using crochet thread in a contrasting color.  I put my bambina’s nickname diagonally across one corner with a swoop and a heart beneath.

3.  Stitch the two squares together, right sides facing.  Leave a 2″ section open and unstitched in the middle of one side for turning.

4.  Turn the blankie right side out and topstitch the turning hole closed.

5.  Crochet around the edge using the same contrasting crochet thread you used in step 2.  Here’s a great tutorial for how to crochet the edges.

Cuddle away!