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How to Get Your Cloth-Diapered Baby to Poop, Part 2



How to Get Your Cloth-Diapered Baby to Poop, Part 1

Have you weaned that baby yet?

It’s Valentine’s Day, and Snarky Mamma would love to share something with you that she holds very dear to her heart: nursing her toddler.

So, in the spirit of the lovely folks who brought you Have you had that baby yet?, Snarky Mamma is proud to present her own little website about breastfeeding a toddler. Feel free to direct anyone inquiring about whether you’re still nursing to check it out.

Have you weaned that baby yet?

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Breastfeeding supplies

She’s back!  Snarky Mamma is pleased to provide you with a new snarky card.  It looks different, yes?  Well, it turns out that a certain website where she previously generated snarky cards apparently has a problem with downloading the cards and putting anything else on them (like a blog address).  So, we’ll just have to go about this a different way.

She’ll never learn to walk that way…

How long will I exclusively breastfeed?

What Would Jesus Drink?