Lovey Tutorial

How about a lovey for your little one?

This blankie is made from super soft flannel with crocheted edges.

Personalize it by embroidering baby’s name or monogram on the back!

Here’s how to make a 12″ square lovey:

1.  Cut out two 13″ squares of flannel.

2.  Embroider baby’s name on one square using crochet thread in a contrasting color.  I put my bambina’s nickname diagonally across one corner with a swoop and a heart beneath.

3.  Stitch the two squares together, right sides facing.  Leave a 2″ section open and unstitched in the middle of one side for turning.

4.  Turn the blankie right side out and topstitch the turning hole closed.

5.  Crochet around the edge using the same contrasting crochet thread you used in step 2.  Here’s a great tutorial for how to crochet the edges.

Cuddle away!


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