Bambina’s bedroom, part two

The tour continues.  Today we’ll check out the changing station.

Bambina’s changing pad sits atop an old IKEA dresser.  Next to the dresser are two blue tubs that keep used diapers and wipes sorted until laundry time (not day, time).

She gets to look at a couple of interesting things while she’s hanging out there.

This remnant of Alexander Henry fabric is stretched tight in an embroidery hoop.  Bambina loves saying “hello” to the birds in the morning.

The forest of spirals dances in the “Mamma-breeze” to keep her entertained.

Following the spirit of the website, here’s a break down of the origins of the stuff you see above.

  • Repurposed:  the dresser (was Mamma & Papa’s), bird fabric (remnant) and hoop (extra of Mamma’s), paper for mobile spirals (leftovers from a previous project), small blue tub (relocated from bathroom closet)
  • New: changing pad and cover, large blue tub

I'd love to know what you think of this!

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