Bambina’s bedroom, part one

The Bambina’s bedroom is slowly coming together.  Even though I know it will never be featured on any fancy decorating websites – you know, the ones that everybody pins to their “Dream Home” boards – it still makes me smile just to be in there.  I love how it is a collection of lots of colorful and sentimental things, most of which were gifts or hand-me-downs.  Sure, I’d love to give her a room full of brand new (well, new to us – I’d prefer to find her a whole bunch of antiques) furniture and accessories that all coordinate with the grey and yellow color scheme that I chose for her quilt.  But this way, everything has a story and a history in the family, so she’s surrounded with the things that her ancestors have loved as well.

Today, let’s look at the area around the window.

Every baby’s room needs a comfy rocking chair for comforting and bedtime stories.

A little table holds both essentials and accessories.

And what child’s room would be complete without a basket of books?


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