Ruby red booties!

Every little girl needs some ruby red slippers!  (Even if she does try to kick them off because she prefers being barefoot…)

Learn how I made these…

Gather your materials.  In addition to the SSA, you will need approximately a fat quarter’s worth of fabric.  This is a great use of scraps from your other projects, because the individual pieces are relatively small.  You will also need 12 inches of 0.25″ elastic.

Step 1:  Cut out your pieces.  Save/download/print this page (full-size on 8.5″x11″ paper if you want them to fit a 3 month old – increase or decrease as necessary for other sizes).  You will need 2 outer soles (red), 2 inner soles (brown), 2 outer uppers (red), 2 inner uppers (brown), and 2 rectangles that are 1.25″ by 2.75″ (red).  Also, cut your elastic into two 6″ lengths.  Press all the pieces so they’re good and flat.

Step 2:  Make the straps.  Using the two rectangles, laying right side down, fold the bottom up 1/4″ and fold the top down 3/8″.  Press.  Insert one elastic strip under the top fold.  Finally, fold up the bottom again so that it aligns with the new top (fold it in half).

Pin the fabric so it stays folded, but don’t pin through the elastic.  Baste the elastic at the top of the strap, then turn your strap so it’s ready to run through your machine lengthwise.  Before you actually stitch it, mark where the elastic meets the base of the strap, then pull it down 3/4″ and mark the new place.  Now zigzag stitch the strap, pulling the elastic so it stays stretched that 3/4″.  Ignore the fact that Mamma desperately needs a manicure.  Trim the excess elastic off both ends of the strap.

Step 3:  Make the uppers.  Pin one strap to one outer upper piece at the mark on the pattern.  Place one outer upper and one inner upper right sides together and pin along the inside.

Stitch along the inside, leaving a space unstitched so you can later turn the shoe right side out.  Back-tack at both sides of the opening in your seam.  Clip the inside corner of the toe area.

Now, this part gets tricky.  Unfold the two upper pieces from each other. Pin the two back parts (straight sides) together, right sides facing.  The trickiness comes from the fact that it is much easier to pin them together wrong sides facing, so don’t forget – make them right sides together!  In the second photo below, you can see where my opening is in the first upper seam.

Stitch those backs together.  You can just leave it inside out, but if you want to check, it should look like this if you turn it right side out at this point.

Step 4:  Attach sole to upper part.  With the upper part being inside out, carefully pin the outer sole to the outer upper, right sides together.  This will take plenty of the big P’s – Pins and Patience!  You’ll need to smoosh and stretch to get them lined up nicely, so just keep at it. Remember, it needs to be smooth at the seam line – 1/4″ in from the edge.  Once they’re pinned together, go ahead and stitch around.

Yay!  Look how far you’ve come, and how little there is left!

Repeat the stretching-smooshing-pinning-stitching process with the sole lining.  Attach it to the upper lining, right sides together!

Step 5:  Finish it up!  This is what the shoes should look like at this point.

Go ahead and turn them right side out through that seam opening you left at the beginning.  You did leave that opening, right?  It would be pretty crummy if you didn’t!  Once you’ve got them turned, fold in the seam allowance at the opening, slide about 1/2″ of the loose end of the strap into the seam allowance area, and top stitch all the way around, being sure to catch that strap in the stitching.  If your machine doesn’t like to go all the way around, try this trick:  start at the end of the opening, and when you come back around to the beginning of the opening, that’s when you slide the strap into the space and finish up.  Tie off the threads and bury them in the side wall.

Step 6:  Admire your work and put them on your bambina!

(This project was inspired by Tao of Craft’s modern baby booties.)


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