Easter booties!

Bambina needed some cute shoes to go with her “new” dress for Easter.  So I made some.

They fit!

I followed Tao of Craft’s tutorial for most of these cute-o’s.  However, I had to make some changes because I didn’t want a big old seam rubbing on Bambina’s skin.  Also, I had to make an addition to the project because –oops– I made a big old mistake in the middle of it.

This is how I changed it…  First, I accidentally sewed the horseshoe parts together at the back with wrong sides together, so the seam faced the outside of the shoe.  No biggie – just cover it with a pretty satin ribbon.  Before attaching either part of the sole, stitch a ribbon on the upper pieces over that accidental seam.  You can see the ribbon in the pictures.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any specifically of that step.

Then, to nix the whole inside seam thing, I attached the sole outside and sole lining separately, leaving a small hole in the seam between the sole lining and upper lining to turn the shoes right-side out at the end, and top stitched over the hole to close it once they were turned.  Step-by-step, it went like this…

Leave the attached uppers inside-out and pin and stitch the outer sole to the outer upper piece, right sides together.  Stitch all the way around.

Do the same thing for the sole lining (attach right sides together with the upper lining), except don’t stitch all the way around.  Leave an opening at the toes.
Turn the shoe right side out through the hole at the lining of the toes.
Working at the toe hole, turn the seam allowances to the inside.  Pin them together.  Zigzag stitch over the edge to close up the hole.
Push the lining to the inside.  Here’s a glimpse of the hidden toe seam.
Finally, I also top-stitched around the top of the foot opening, like this…
And added a few beads to the front.  They’re Easter booties, after all.
Egg hunt, here we come!  (Now, if only we could master walking… or crawling… or rolling, for that matter!)

One response to “Easter booties!

  1. Donna March 28, 2012 at 6:22 pm

    Oh, they are gorgeous! Just popped over to say thanks for visiting my blog, and I LOVE what I found over here xx Will visit again soon! Mummamoments x

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