Repurpose! T-shirt into Bunny hat

Looking to keep bambina’s head warm on chilly spring days?  Turn your old t-shirt into a cute bunny hat!

You’ll need a t-shirt, embroidery thread, and the standard sewing accoutrements.

1:  Cut 3 inches off the bottom of your shirt.  Keep this strip around for later.  Fold over the side of the shirt and cut out this shape.

2:  Unfold the pieces (there should be two – since it was on a fold).  Iron them nice and flat. Pin them together with right sides facing.  Stitch around the sides using a nice long stitch.

3:  On the body of the hat, measure the bottom between the two side seams.  Add a half-inch to this measurement, and then cut two strips of this length from the bottom of the shirt that you cut off earlier.  (My hat measured 6.5 inches across, so I made two 7 inch by 3 inch rectangles.)

4:  Sew the two strips together, right sides facing, on the sides.  This is your brim.  Turn the brim right-side out and slide into the body of the hat with the shirt’s hem on top. (Slide it all the way in so the raw edge of the body of the hat is lined up with the raw edge of the brim.)  Make sure the side seams are all lined up, and then stitch around the raw edges using a nice long stitch.

5: Clip the corners around and between the ears.  Turn the hat right-side out with the brim entirely inside the body of the hat.  Iron the seam at the bottom of the hat.  Tack the top of the brim to the body at the two side seams and in the center of the back.  (I used pins to hold the brim in place while sliding the hat under the foot of my sewing machine.)

6: Iron the whole hat nice and flat.  Using embroidery thread, hand stitch lines around the ears on the front of the hat only.  Add other embellishments if you wish, such as a cute button nose or some whiskers.

7:  Find a cute bambina to put it on!


I'd love to know what you think of this!

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